Landscape Design

At Gulf Coast Scapes it is our objective to minimize construction related disturbances and to make the installation an exciting transformation process for you. We install much more than just plants.

Landscape Installation Basics

With few exceptions, we generally recommend a pre-installation soil treatment to promote good root growth and to ensure that your new plants remain healthy and looking their best for years to come. Using a combination of soil additives, shredded topsoil, and/or fertilizers, we will make specific recommendations to improve your planting areas after we have had a chance to survey your site. While soil treatments are important to giving your new plants a great start, there is more to maintaining a healthy landscape. Watering, weed and pest control, trimming/pruning, and other care will be needed at some point. To help guide you, we include a free general plant care sheet with all landscape designs, or, for a nominal fee, you can purchase an additional information packet that contains plant specific information. For those that would prefer to have us take care of their new landscape, check out the landscape maintenance program. Because we use only top quality plant stock, we stand behind our landscape installations.

Ponds and Waterfalls

We are the leading professionals in the design and installation of water gardens. Relax alongside a bubbling waterfall that leads to a quiet pond, and you’ll recuperate from your hectic day in a matter of moments. There’s nothing quite like the soothing sounds and sights of moving water to provide the tranquility nature offers. A water garden can also increase the worth of your home due to its uniqueness and therapeutic values. Add water plants or fish and the experience is even more breathtaking and enjoyable.

Outdoor Lighting

There are numerous types of lighting designed to highlight or accent the landscape: Path Lighting to illuminate paths, driveways or steps; Spread Lighting that produces circles of light downward for flowerbeds, low shrubs and ground cover; Uplighting to illuminate trees, walls, statues, and other taller objects; and Cross lighting, which uses two or more lights to reveal a three-dimensional form of object, drawing attention to a tree or bush.


Border a planting area; edge a walkway; separate areas of landscaping; provide a confined mulch area around trees; create a beautiful patio.
Today, these are all possibilities using concrete paver bricks and natural stones. With many shapes and colors available, we have the ability, and capability, to enhance your outdoor living space. That’s just one more reason we ask you to consider us as Your Exterior Decorator.

Rebuild Flowerbeds

If you have never had a flower garden before, don’t be intimidated. It is not difficult to build a very nice flower bed or flower border. You can start a flower bed any time in the spring, summer, or the fall. If you have some patience, the best time to start the bed is in the fall when you would dig up the soil, add organic matter, and then mulch it for the winter. This gives the soil a chance to build its fertility, begin attracting beneficial soil organisms, and get settled by the rain and snow and freezing and thawing. Then by spring, your new flower bed will be in great shape to receive your plants. If you build the bed in the spring or in the summer, it will still work, but it takes a year or so for the soil to mature, so your plants might not be so wonderful in that first year. Next year they will be better.